The eHealth sector and its needs

Medicine is undergoing a full-scale digital revolution, but no solution has been able to establish itself. The Swiss medical field is only partially computerised, yet there is a significant efficiency need for the management of medical environments.

Our ambition

Handylife SA aspires to become a Swiss leader in eHealth, by distributing its complete medical software featuring groundbreaking adaptability and meeting the highest customer standards. A whole range of new products are planned for the end of 2020. Only their promotion and sale remain to be done. As our eHealth offer is reaching its maturity, we are planning an international expansion as of 2021.

Who are we?

Handylife SA is a Swiss company founded in 2009 and working in the Swiss eHealth industry.
We offer a medical software in the form of an electronic health record (medical information system or EHR). It is innovative, complete, next-generation and destined to all medical field players.
The company has been self-financed for more than 10 years.
Our client base, growth and turnover are rapidly evolving.
The company’s headquarters are in Lausanne, Switzerland, with a branch in Bern.

Our value proposition in a nutshell

Discover our product in this short video :

Key data

A decade of success.
Turnover growth superior to 20% per year.
No debts.
100% of the capital held by the CEO.


Several hundred users daily across Switzerland.
They consist of doctors of every medical specialities, nurses, medical assistants, therapists, administrators, accountants.
Our customers are medical practices, medical centres, clinics, hospitals, care homes, patients, others.

In short, Handylife to this day

Since 2009, we market our ambulatory version of the medical information system in Switzerland.
After several years of development, the company has extended its offer to every medical speciality in every region in Switzerland.
Handylife’s priority was always to offer productivity, efficiency and simplicity gains to its users.
Our flexible IT architecture allows us to adapt 100x quicker than our competitors.
Thanks to this unique agility, the software responds immediately and in a customised manner to each client’s specific needs.

Our new products

Handy life has been simultaneously developing a whole new range of products for several years. Reaching completion by the end of 2020, the next step is the promotion and sale.


International expansion

Handylife has established its position on the Swiss market. The dissemination of new products is about to start.
As of 2021, Handylife also aims to lever the Swiss assets for the international market.
The following map compares a few examples of big countries with the Swiss market and shows the potential of an international expansion.

TAM multiples vs Swiss market

Our specific strengths and differentiation

  • A unique end-to-end medical management product combining simplicity, modernity and speed.
  • Strong autofinanced company.
  • Working in the eHealth industry, a booming sector.
  • Intuitive ergonomics.
  • Innovative technology.
  • Unique agile and modular architecture.
  • Model’s scalability.
  • Development 100x quicker than the competitors.
  • High adaptability and degree of customisation.
  • Easily scalable to new segments or sectors.
  • Unique potential to become an eHealth leader.


eHealth and international competitors

Already strongly expanding, eHealth has now reached an inflexion point.
Leading players of the digital industry and major investors forced their way in order to enable important strategic and financial levers, mainly linked to Big Data.
Handylife’s product is at the heart of this dynamic.
Despite an intense competition and important investments, no player has established itself, for lack of a global solution.
With its new approach based on an end-to-end flexible offer, Handylife has enormous potential and unique assets, giving it the opportunity to dominate its biggest competitors.

Ref : “StartUp Health Insights 2019 Year-End Report, page 3”

Opening up of the capital to investors

Handylife SA is not a start-up strictly speaking but a well-established SME with an innovative eHealth offer, tried and tested by the medical field.
The company can showcase a tangible sales and client acquisition track record, which make it an investment with a risk-return profile far more attractive than that of a start-up.
At the end of 2020, we will open up our capital to external investors sharing our vision and ready to support our big ambitions in Switzerland and worldwide.
We are also interested in studying the establishment of strategic alliances with external partners, like hospital groups, pharmaceutical companies, IT companies, insurance brokers, public institutions, for example in the development of our innovative and attractive solutions, as well as their diffusion and / or their marketing.
We would be happy to provide further information or organise a meeting to present our project with high potential return on investment.